Using Herbs To Detoxify Your Body

Herbs can help in the detoxification process by aiding the organs that help in natural detoxification. These include the liver, urinary system, digestive systems, skin and lungs. The herbs used in various detox treatments can be classified based on the organ they work upon. Herbal remedies can be prepared from these herbs based on specific individual conditions:

Laxatives and diuretics herbs
* Licorice root
* Psyllium seed
* Alfalfa
* Yucca root
* Violet leaf
* Guar gum
* Marshmallow root

Herbs that provide support to the liver
* Cascara sagrada bark
* Milk thistle seed
* Dandelion

Parasite expeller herbs
* Black walnut hull
* Pumpkin seed

Herbs that soothe irritated digestive and urinary tracts
* Irish Moss
* Passionflower leaf

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs
* Witch hazel bark, twigs, and leaves
* Capsicum
* Gentian root
* Cranberry

Multipurpose herbs ( Demulcents, blood purifiers, energizers, laxatives and diuretics)
* Horsetail
* Slippery elm bark
* Mullein leaf
* Black cohosh
* Burdock root
* Echinacea
* Fennel seed
* Fenugreek
* Ginger root
* Papaya

There are many herbal detox products that are prepared using a combination of these herbs. These products are developed for various specific needs like balancing sugar levels, breaking down organic wastes in the body, calming tense nerves, neutralizing acidity and loosening hardened phlegm in the lungs.

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