You Are Beautifully Made, Even If You Feel “Broken”

Living in the physical world, in a physical body is not easy. We will encounter sickness, death, injury, heartbreak, and loss. It is a very difficult part of being human and these difficulties can take every ounce of our strength to cope with.

When dealing with these things, everything hurts. Our bodies, our minds, and even our spirits. In fact, it can be hard to even remember that we are spiritual beings when we struggle deeply with physical and/or emotional pain and difficulty.

Yet, we are always spiritual beings, which is why having an ongoing spiritual practice is so important. Our spiritual support and healing can help get us cope with the inevitable difficulties we will face as humans. These practices keep us connected to Source and to our true selves and remind us that we are created just as we are meant to be—even if we can’t see why from our current perspective.

Many physical health issues can not be healed during this lifetime, by any means. For example, some children are born without organs that help their body function normally. Other people don’t make the enough neurochemicals (such as dopamine) or hormones (such as insulin) necessary for their body to move properly or maintain life on its own.

However, a great many people with health issues can be supported in a variety of ways, making their lives easier to cope with, improving their quality of life, and in many cases, allowing life to continue. Medication, surgery, and other medical interventions are amazing tools that give people their lives back. In many cases, modern medicine allows life to continue when that would not have been possible.

Modern medicine allows us to have prosthetics when we lose a limb; dentures when we lose our teeth; surgery when organs fail and medication to help us live with the loss of many organs. Medication also helps to replace or induce the production of missing neurochemicals we need to survive or to function properly.

It’s OK to accept help from these sources! Often our bodies need outside help because they simply can’t do it on their own. They lack the organ or the chemical to do so. These medicines and tools are just as God-sent as energy healing, meditation, good food, herbs, and fresh air. Accept them when you need them so you can also support your spirit. It’s much harder to heal and tend to your spirit if your body and mind are in great need.

You Are Beautifully Made, Even If You Feel “Broken”Energy healing and other meditative practices help to bring balance to our inner world—the spirit. This is an excellent tool; a gift! This allows us to cope with our pain and difficulties better. It can even improve our overall health and well-being by helping us manage the stress of having an ongoing illness, or of being the caregiver of someone with a long-term health issue. In the same way, we also want to practice the appropriate diet and exercise for our health issues.

All of these things are important. In my own life, I do best when I embrace a very holistic attitude. To many, the word “holistic” means to turn your back on modern medicine and to only use energy healing, herbs, supplements, yoga, and other “natural” methods. But to me, “holistic” has meant embracing the whole, meaning all of these things—including modern medicine.

For example, my own body does not make enough dopamine. If I don’t take a dopamine pill several times a day, I can not walk and have difficulty talking, typing, or holding onto things. Daily life would be quite difficult if I had to live that way. However, when I take my medication, I am almost entirely normal. I am grateful every single day for my medication.

I take medication every day to control seizures. I have taken this for 25 years and will take it for the rest of my life. Seizures took over my brain and destroyed my life many years ago. Thanks to this medication, along with an improved diet and lifestyle, they are pretty rare for me now. I am grateful for my medication every day.

My body is also not able to make enough of certain immunoglobulins. These immunoglobulins help my body to fight off infection from viruses and bacteria. So far, I have not been ill enough to need transfusions of these immunoglobulins. I try to protect my overall health through a healthy diet, exercise, and prayer & meditation. But, if the time comes that I need these infusions, I will happily take them.

And I will thank God for all these miracles. And even on days when it is hard, I will remember to find the things that are right in my life and be grateful. And I will remind myself that I am not “broken.” I am made just as God meant for me to be. I believe that we all are.

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