Your Brain Is Related To Your Sex Life


What do your brain and your sex life have in common? Testosterone.

Testosterone decreases with age. This causes an avalanche of other problems. Testosterone is truly the elixir of youth. With the exception of health enthusiasts, few people are even aware of the great importance of testosterone in total health and this certainly includes most doctors. Thankfully, there are ways to increase testosterone as we get older.

Testosterone Trouble

Of course, the trouble is that the line between the natural hormone and the synthetic or steroids, which are illegal, is blurred. This may be a purposeful attempt to keep natural hormones out of people’s mental awareness. The pharmaceutical companies consider hormones (not least of which is testosterone) to be their domain. But they deal in synthetics or steroids that they extract and sell as prescription drugs. This blurring and confusing of steroids with natural hormones has worked to confound the people and most doctors.

Pharmaceutical companies are masters of deceit. They create confusion that they channel in their favor. Yes, they use psychological propaganda and confusion.

The Replacements

Anything we lose as we age needs to be replaced if possible. I can think of nothing more important than testosterone. In both sexes, the body makes estrogen by converting testosterone to estrogen. When natural testosterone is not replaced as they age, men’s testosterone gets so low that their bodies can’t make much estrogen at all.

I have written about testosterone and the 5 percent cream that is available from a compounding pharmacy. This is what I use, but there are other non-prescription testosterone precursors that produce natural testosterone.

The sex hormones are made from cholesterol, and the pharmaceuticals are trying to stamp out cholesterol under the pretext of promoting heart health. It is a matter of commerce; the lowering of cholesterol is actually extremely negative for heart health. And the doctors won’t come off of this cholesterol phobia.

Insulin Imbalance

The first cause of skyrocketing cholesterol is insulin imbalance. Testosterone and the other sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are produced out of cholesterol, as are the sex hormone precursors DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenedione.

As we age, we seem to get insulin resistant. This causes weight gain and diminished testosterone and DHEA levels.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t say much about insulin because any honest insulin studies lead to the subject of the high U.S. consumption of fructose corn syrup and the health hazard it is causing, resulting in a pandemic of diabetes. Sugar creates high insulin and medical problems. Low insulin correlates with higher DHEA levels, higher testosterone levels and normal cholesterol levels.

Brain Beginnings

Well, we started with the direct relationship of the brain and sex life or sexual potency. I, like most people, think of testosterone as it relates to enhanced sex life, or diminished sex life if testosterone is low.

But Dr. Jonathan Wright wrote in his newsletter Nutrition and Healing that testosterone levels are directly related to cognitive function. He says: “The sex part is important, no doubt, but who cares about sex if you can’t remember who you’re with or what you’re doing with her?”

Wright says that natural “testosterone replacement for men is extremely important for significantly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.” He also writes: “Higher serum (natural bio-identical) estrogen levels in women in their 60s are directly correlated with lower incidence of Alzheimer’s in those same women decades later.

“Testosterone for men and estrogen (that’s real, bio-identical estrogen — not horse estrogen as used in conventional medicine) for women is very protective for the entire cardiovascular system, including the blood supply to the brain.”

Nutrient Decline

Seniors, we all need to be aware of declining levels of nutrients and hormones as we age. We need iodine, DHEA, Co-Enzyme Q10, glutathione, etc. Above all, let’s try not to become insulin resistant.

Watch all sugars or sweeteners — especially fructose corn syrup, which is more dangerous to the people than a standing army.

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