Marcus and Sheila host the popular web series “AskTHEO™ Live”. Additionally, they also share THEO’s wisdom through public THEO experiences, television and radio appearances worldwide, and in several live and online mentoring programs. They are co-authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace (Tarcher/Penguin), and Sheila is also the author |of her first groundbreaking book The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality (Simon and Schuster). Continue reading

Heavens Cross – Apocalypse – The Opening

This is the time when human consciousness transcends the barriers between physical and non-physical realms; when the “heaven” of the physical universe begins to cross with the other heavens and realms. The long-awaited Apocalypse, the revealing, began with this webcast on March 22, 2023. Continue reading

Listen to Your Soul

Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. Continue reading

Just Use This & Your All Energy Blockages Will Be Cleared In 7 Days | Shi Heng Yi

Shaolin Luohan Style Qi Gong (Shi San Shi Luohan) is a set of 13 postures/movements that was developed, after contemplating and imitating different forms and expressions of the famous 13 Luohan (Arhat) of Shaolin. Continue reading

The #1 Missing Factor with Low Testosterone Is…

Sleep is a huge underemphasized factor when it comes to testosterone levels. Continue reading

Journey into Other Realms

Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. He has brought his unique and provocative style to spiritual seekers around the globe – straightforward delivery, paradigm-shifting wisdom, arrogance, and a lot of humor.

Adamus had many lifetimes on Earth in the human condition. He has great understanding and empathy for the human journey. His human background and experiences – as well as his ascension from the human condition – give him unique insights and compassion when he’s guiding us into our Realization, in a way no alien or galactic being can do.

He’s the Captain of this spiritual pirate ship, guiding us through stormy waters onward to Enlightenment Island.

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It’s Reality! First Ever Parallel Universe Has Finally Been Discovered!

Welcome to Techspace, the channel that explores the fascinating worlds of science, technology, space exploration, and archaeological discoveries. Continue reading

Foods That Can Increase Your Libido…Only If…

Different foods can do so many incredible things for the body. Here are a few foods that can potentially increase libido. Continue reading

Dr Joe Dispenza Pineal Gland Breath ultimate explanation 2023. Connect with you higher self

The Pineal Gland Breath of Joe Dispenza is a technique that aims to activate the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located in the brain. Continue reading

It’s all ENERGY not HARD WORK!!! | Abraham Hicks

In this video, Abraham discusses the power of your energy and how you can harness it to achieve what you desire. The Power of Energy – According to Abraham Hicks, everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts and emotions. This energy is constantly flowing through us, and we are constantly emitting it into the world around us. When we think and feel positively, we emit positive energy, and when we think and feel negatively, we emit negative energy. This energy attracts similar energy from the universe, which can affect our experiences and outcomes. Continue reading

Do This Everyday To MANIFEST 10X Faster | Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza is a NY Times best-selling author and an expert in neuroscience and epigenetics. He went from studying biochemistry and neurology, getting a chiropractic degree, to educating thousands on how to rewire their brains and bodies to make lasting change and becoming one of the highest-paid speakers in the world! Continue reading

Take Care of your Pineal Gland by doing this | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Pineal gland, the third eye, regulates your bodies biological clock and the circannual rhythm. It is the seat of the Ajna Chakra and the coronal light. Maharishi Pantajali says, one can get the visions of the higher beings by focusing on this coronal light. In today’s video, watch Dr. Hansaji enlighten us in this subject.

Continue reading

Deathbed Visions: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life | Julie Ryan

Psychic and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits, both alive and dead. Julie can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and she can tell how close to death someone is. Continue reading

Heavens Cross Part 3: Questions & Answers

This “apocalyptic” event is like nothing humanity has ever previously encountered. As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. Continue reading